Why I’m Not Making New Years Resolutions.

Matt Beswick January 3, 2012 1
I noticed a Tweet the other day from another SEO saying something along the lines of ‘New Years Resolutions are for people that talk about things but don’t do them’. My first thought was ‘Great advice’, shortly followed by ‘That makes you sound like a bit of an idiot’ (in the nicest possible way)… but it’s completely and utterly true.

In everything we do there are always people who talk about being great but never quite get around to it. Planning on giving up your job, making a go of it on your own, or doing things differently is one thing but actually going ahead and making the break is another. As the old saying goes, “It’s easier said than done”.

I’m in the fortunate position where, for the last few years, I’ve been able to work for myself. Not having someone to tell you what to do takes a lot of getting used to, but once you are you’ll never want to go back. Strangely though, in 2011 I kind of did end up back there – working, again, on client side projects mean that I’ve once again had someone to answer to. Whether it’s running a PPC campaign, Web Build, or making sure that the people who work for Electric Dialogue are happy, moving from running a few Facebook App to actually doing some work has been tricky. And I’m still getting used to it.

Fortunately the people around me are great at what they do, which is the key to anyone’s success.

Nicola – the better half – runs Pet365 (our retail site) on a day to day basis and doesn’t complain. Actually, that’s a lie. She does complain, lots. But that’s fine – she has to put up with complaining customers, boxes that need packing and couriers that don’t turn up. All I have to do is chat to bloggers, and write about being an SEO geek. At the same time, everyone at Electric Dialogue is ultra-committed to making the business work in the long term. Our clients get a service that most agencies would never dream of offering. 9pm phone calls, PPC campaigns being checked on Christmas Day and sites hosted for ex-clients that haven’t yet got off their bottoms to sort a new host out are just a few examples.

Anyway, there’s no real point to this other than that you shouldn’t make resolutions. Just get on with things, surround yourself with the right people and do what you want to do. Not what you think you should.

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  1. pounds to pocket July 12, 2012 at 12:05 pm - Reply

    Great post, i also don’t make any type of resolution for new year because i always break that..

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