Three Days Off Twitter

Matt Beswick May 27, 2011 0
I’ve gone cold Turkey. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Q+A sites. All I’ve done is work…

It doesn’t feel good.

I have, however, managed to get loads done. You see, we’re in an age where everyone in ‘my line of work’ (dossing around on the internet) is constantly involved with one social network or another. From Facebook to Twitter, Quora and beyond, we’re all trying to make a name for ourselves… which is great, but not always condusive to actually getting anything done.

It’s like the old SEO report adage – we can spend so much time looking at facts and stats that we end up forgetting to do anything about them. Not me. No sir!

During my time in rehab I have:

  • Launched a survey;
  • Planned my analysis post that will be based on said survey;
  • Done some link building via guest blog posts;
  • Kicked myself in the shins for forgetting about some other guest blog opportunities (admittedly this doesn’t count as being productive but it made me feel better… in a slightly painful way);
  • Seen an increase in rankings for our SEO clients… although this is almost certainly because of work done a few weeks ago;
  • Done a load of other technical code based stuff that I won’t mention here as it’s way too geeky;
  • Emailed about 300,000 people in a non-spammy way.

I will not, however, be staying in the wilderness. My other half told me about the new SEOMoz toolbar yesterday which is something I’d usually have seen, downloaded and abused before most had even seen it. I’ve also missed out on at least 20 or 30 blog posts, probably a couple of potential clients and for what? Actually getting stuff done? Pah.


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