SEO Training – Milton Keynes and London

SEO Training

Milton Keynes SEO Training – A Full Day Learn how to get going with SEO in an easy and fun way.
When: Apr 17, 10am4pm
Where: Milton Keynes Training Centre, Central Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, MK1

Price: £195 (inc. VAT)

How to book: Just fill in my contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

This course is aimed at anyone involved in running a successful website. From business owners to those responsible for marketing and content delivery we’ll be doing our utmost to make sure that everyone gets the most that they possibly can from the day. Some background knowledge of SEO is useful, but certainly not essential.

I’ll be leading the course, but will have plenty of input from Dan, and between us we have a wealth of experience (as business owners, running digital marketing campaigns, and passing on our experience to others). To put things simply: I’m the geeky one, and Dan’s the person who’ll help make sure everything’s done in plain English!

Milton Keynes SEO Training Course – Part 1 – On-site optimisation

The day will start by going through the basics of SEO, explaining how it should be done in 2012 and beyond, focussing on the most important part – your site. From working out your keyword strategy, writing content, and – of course – how you shouldn’t do things, this session will give you the basis from which to kickstart your SEO.

  • Organic vs Paid Search
  • Domain Names and their effect on SEO
  • Site Analytics – Tools and Tricks
  • The fundamentals of being seen in search
  • Introduction to SEO techniques
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Spiders and Robots – How Search Engines work
  • Picking the right keywords
  • How to analyse keywords
  • Why you shouldn’t keyword spam
  • Fat Head vs. Long Tail
  • META Content and how to optimise it
  • Influencing the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
  • The most important aspects of on-page SEO
  • The quality of your Website Build for optimal SEO
  • Writing for your audience vs writing for search
  • URL Structure and optimal domain names
  • Strategies for Designing Your Site for SEO

Milton Keynes SEO Training Course – Part 2 – Off-page optimisation

  • Link Building Techniques
  • Landing Page Strategies
  • Domain Age
  • Inbound Links – what are they, ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ links
  • Page Rank and Domain Authority
  • The power of Anchor Text
  • Web Directories: The Good and Bad
  • Finding Great Links
  • How to Request a Link
  • ‘Reciprocal Links’ – Yes or No?
  • Deep Linking Strategy
  • Brochure Websites – When to use them
  • Articles, Forums and Social Bookmarking
  • Driving traffic with Social Media

SEO Training Milton Keynes – Part 3 – Google Places and ‘Local Search’

  • Introduction to Local Search
  • Setting up your Google Places Listing
  • Local Business Directories – Why and How?
  • Best practice for Local Reviews
  • Joint Venture Strategies
  • Sales Funnels and Offers

After your day of SEO Training in Milton Keynes you will understand how to

  • Optimise your website search engine ranking and performance
  • Use online tools to carry out keyphrase and market research
  • Perform competitor benchmarking using tools and advanced search commands
  • Implement practices relating to search engine inclusion and exclusion
  • Implement best practice SEO web design, copywriting and site architecture
  • Create a comprehensive brief or checklist for your SEO agency or web design agency
  • Select the best approaches to running your SEO campaigns
  • Carry out effective link building and off-page optimisation
  • Choose between outsourcing your SEO versus keeping it in-house