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London is a VERY competitive market, but if you get it right you’ll reap the benefits.

Anyone that has a business in and around London will know just how many people are trying to market their business through the search engines. The sheer amount of potential customers means that appearing as high up the listings as possible can make a massive difference to your business… the problem is getting and then staying there.

It goes without saying that just creating a website for your business is no longer enough. You have to market it too. Creating content that’s relevant to your visitors, posting frequent updates through a blog or news section, and building links is just one part of modern SEO – thinking about how users interact with your site and what you can do to make them more likely to buy (or get in touch) is another.

London SEO – My Services

There’s a very similar setup process for just about every client that I work with (this is the same for my local London SEO services and national or international businesses that I work with). This is designed to allow me to fully understand your business, potential customers, and website – one that’s in place we can move on. Here’s an idea of the kinds of things I’ll do:

  1. Business Overview Meeting (so I can understand what you do – this can be done face to face, on the ‘phone or over Skype);
  2. Keyword Research;
  3. Competitor Analysis;
  4. Technical Audit;
  5. Content and Keyword Targeting Audit;
  6. Content Strategy Creation;
  7. Link Prospecting;
  8. Link Bait Strategy Development.

It might sound quite lengthy but in reality, depending on the size of your site, it usually doesn’t take long at all. Once that’s all done it’s a case of moving on and working on implementing the strategies that we have created. Costs will depend on the amount of work involved and how competitive your niche is and, if I don’t think we can reach your objectives within your budget, I’ll tell you – after all, there’s no point wasting your money and risking my reputation.

SEO in 2013

Finally, it’s probably prudent to give you a quick overview of the kinds of things that you should, and shouldn’t, be doing in 2013. Things have changed massively over the last year or two with the focus moving to making sure that everything you do is of the best quality possible: no shortcuts, no shying away from doing the best you can.

Firstly, things you shouldn’t be doing:

  • Doorway pages or technical trickery;
  • Article spinning;
  • Mass directory submissions;
  • Thinking about rankings, not traffic;
  • Buying links (this is a BIG mistake);
  • In short, anything that could potentially get you penalised by Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

That’s the big bad list out of the way. Now, let’s look at the kinds of things you should be doing:

  • Producing amazing content that your visitors will love;
  • Getting the technical elements of your site right;
  • Using PPC and Organic campaigns in tandem;
  • Tracking visits and conversions, not just rankings;
  • Working to get exposure on relevant sites and blogs;
  • Press coverage (press release spam doesn’t count!);
  • Writing great content for other sites (guest blogging).

SEO London: Get in Touch

So, if you’re a business based in and around London looking for someone to work with you on your SEO strategy, please get in touch - I’d love to hear from you.