Bloukrans Bridge Bungee

Matt Beswick February 20, 2011 0
A good way to let yourself know you’re alive? Jump off a massive bridge with a bit of elastic tied around your feet.

Measuring 216 metres, Bloukrans this is the highest commercially operated bungee jump in the world. (You can go higher if you fancy jumping out of a hot air balloon or helicopter). On arrival you’re greeted to the screams of those who’ve been brave before you, followed by being relieved of about £80 and given your body harness. All that’s left to do then is sit in the bar waiting your turn.

The worst part for me was the walk – see through metal grates are your floor and as you get further towards the middle the ground slowly but surely disappears. It’s windy, it’s high, and the adrenaline is pumping. Fortunately the guys running the bungee are utterly brilliant – really funny, full of banter, and make you feel as comfortable as you possibly can be.

Securing your bungee rope takes a few seconds (loads of photo’s been taken as they do) and suddenly the chat stops and you’re perched on the edge with a ’3, 2, 1′ in your ears. I took the decision quite early to swan dive as the people that faltered at the last minute were given a helping nudge which makes the fall look more than a little uncomfortable as you swing and bop around at the bottom.

With a dive it’s smoother. Almost serene. As you jump the music and voices disappear to be replaced with the wind rushing past your ears and the sight of the ground quickly coming towards your head. Happily the cord held and gave me the bounce I was praying for. Then it’s silent. Silent until a man on a winch drops down from the bridge, grabs hold of you, and straps himself to your harness.

For any men wanting to do this, be careful on the incline. A misplaced strap around your groin leads to utter agony as your whole bodyweight ends up on a single testicle with they start winching you up. A high pitched scream was enough to let them know I needed to arrange and 2 minutes later we reached the top… safe and sound. Pictures below :)

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