A change will do you good

Matt Beswick October 16, 2011 0
I made a decision this week – not to take anything new on until my current, slightly too large, to do list is at least a little more manageable. Running 3 businesses really doesn’t lend itself to being able to do everything properly so piling more and more onto the list just ended up feeling ridiculous and stupid.

Happily, with that decision, came a bit of a chance to have a break and regroup after a fairly awful couple of weeks. I’ve never been in the position where a project as important as the one we’ve been working on recently went so wrong… But it did, and now I have. Never again.

So, a visit from Mr and Mrs Knight – friends that I met at Uni who we’ve seen gradually more of over the last year – was very welcome and one of the most enjoyable few days of the year so far. A trip to Whilton Mill for a test day in my kart with Dunc, some great pub food and Aspall’s Cider (my new favourite drink), and some epic bouts of talking about nothing in particular just made for a nice, relaxed, no-effort week.

Back to the grind tomorrow, but somehow things seem a bit more in perspective. Lots to do, but even more opportunity. A few days off now and again really do you the world of good!

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